"Like the conductor of an orchestra, we bring all the elements of each room together to truly transform it."

We're here to help you enjoy making the most of your home

Our promise: To transform your home with blinds, shutters, curtains, interior furnishings and decoration, lighting and wallpaper that all come together in ways that are so-right for you.

Room Transformation

Your home – One of the most important places in your life.
So, why not enjoy making the most of it?

Well, now you can. With our expertise of being able to quickly identify what’s so right for you and your home, you’ll focus on making decisions on what you like, rather than wasting time and getting frustrated and bored wading through things that you don’t.

First we start by taking the time to understand you and your home.

Only then are we in a position to create curtains, blinds and shutters, awnings, interiors and awnings that have been designed and styled in ways that perfectly suit your tastes and come together so well, to make the most of your home.

We’re based in Dorking, Surrey. If you are nearby, why not contact us to discuss your home. Whatever you have in mind, from as little as a blind, right the way through to a full room or house makeover, we’d love to talk!

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You first - Understanding you and your home before suggesting anything
Inspiration - By understanding you first, we can then be in a position to inspire you with our creative and technical expertise which produces ideas and suggestions that you'll love.

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Our creative expertise - We quickly cut through all the options to focus on what’s right for you.

Access to the world of blind and curtain design - We are independent specialists in all types of blinds and curtains, so we are set up to find what’s right for you and your home. If we can’t find it, we’ll make it ourselves.

Working with us – We work at your pace…whatever that needs to be

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Like the conductor of an orchestra, we bring all the elements of each room together to truly transform it.

After 30 years of trading, we really know how to transform rooms. Sometimes all it takes is a simple blind or colour change, sometimes it's a full make-over and smart-home automation. Whatever the changes made, we carefully consider the impact on the whole room or space that you have in mind.

We love helping you enjoy making the most of your home. It's what we do best.

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