Solutions that help you enjoy your home

Transforming rooms isn’t just about styling and design. Most importantly, it’s about helping you to enjoy your home more. Here are just some of the many examples of how we have achieved this for our customers.

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Tackling problems with solutions that transform rooms for the better

Protecting rooms from

Our customer came to us with blindingly bright sun coming through bi-fold doors, bleaching the floor and furnishings.

Our solution

We suggested that pleated blinds would be the perfect solution in a solar/ heat reflective fabric. In addition, our customer requested that the room also needed to be styled and dressed. Curtains were added in a fabric to compliment the furnishings. The curtains worked well in combination with the pleated blinds to transform the room.

Reducing glare on sunny days

Our customer came to us for blinds for a new extension featuring a large glazed area with beautiful views of their garden

Our solution

Large roller blinds made in our Dorking workrooms in Mermet screen fabric with 5% openness, shading the room from glare and heat but still allowing a view of the garden.

Managing uncomfortable temperatures

Our customer came to us experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations from freezing in the winter to unbearably hot in summer.

Our solution

Pleated blinds with solar and heat reflective fabric.

Privacy without compromise

Our customer was tired of people staring though her window as they walked by.

Our solution

Cafe style shutters with 64mm wide slats set at just the right pitch to let light in and maintain privacy.


Making the most of outdoor living

Our customer needed more shade the back of the house to enjoy the garden more on sunny days as well as protection from dew on summer evenings.


Two motorised awnings with built in lights so that they could entertain long after sun down.

If there's something stopping you enjoying a room in your home, let's talk about it.

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